Reputation Management

Reputation Management – Do you need it?

Why is online Business Reputation Management important? Do you need it?

What do you do if you are driving down a street and your car just stops?. Well if you are like most people you will pull out your phone and google “tow truck near me” or “auto repair near me”. Once you do that you get a google map of businesses near you. What’s the next thing you do? Well if you are like 92% of consumers you will look at the reviews. Most people don’t want an auto shop with 1 star and lousy reviews working on their car – do you?

Many small businesses don’t realize that customers will look at a business before they decide to buy something from them. This makes managing your Brand and your reviews more important than ever.

Consumers trust a local business more if they have positive reviews. How much more? 73% of consumers look at positive reviews to see if they will use a local business. 48% of consumers said they need at least a 4 star rating in order to do business with someone. Consumers stated that 91% of them trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation!

In today’s world if your company does not exist on line, it doesn’t exist period to the modern consumer. How your company is perceived by these consumers is just as important. Having your company show up in a search result, having stars or no stars and having reviews or no reviews will influence a consumer’s decision to buy, or not buy, from a business.

Unfortunately, Americans will tell more people (15 people on average) about poor service versus an average of 11 people telling someone about good service. When you receive poor service you feel the need to vent. That’s why it is so important for businesses to respond to negative reviews immediately.

1. Acknowledge their complaint

2.Be polite and professional. It won’t help if you get defensive and will make the complaint look more legitimate.

3. Make sure that you request to have all fake or misleading reviews removed.

4. Encourage customers to give you a review. Some companies offer a small item that can be used on their next visit if they give a review. This is a win-win since not only do you get a review but you may also gain a repeat customer.

So make sure your online reputation is in good standing. Only 5% of consumers will look past the first page to make their purchase. First impression online are just as important as real life first impression. Make sure your company is putting its best foot forward



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